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Welcome to Keharigram Technologies Since 2016

Keharigram Technologies is an Indian company, which started its operation in India, Keharigram Technologies offers a complete range of automation products for various industries like Healthcare, Chemical, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy, etc.


We aspire to help businesses accelerate digital transformation with innovative IoT technologies in the fast-growing era of intelligence.


We empower various businesses and industries in the connected world with our strong R&D team and our solid technological foundations in industrial IoT.


We offer a comprehensive product portfolio that includes M2M communication devices and cloud/edge IoT solutions.


Our products are widely applied in energy, industrial automation, transportation, retail, healthcare, and environmental markets.

Keharigram Technologies is a full service system integrator, offering a wide variety of solutions and services to a broad range of industries. Our familiarity and experience with Motion Controls, PLCs, distributed I/O, HMI interfaces, PC Based Controls, SCADA, Servo Motors, Variable Frequency Drives VFD, Design Control Panel,Weighing Machines and all types of machine designs allows us to help you succeed. Our engineers are able to provide the specification, design, assembly, commissioning and continuing support of your next automation project.

Design Development & Manufacture of Embedded systems including Hardware design,, Software development, firmware development, mechanical design, Analog and digital design, Prototype assembly, Robotics Sensors, Feedback Control & Automation, Testing Machines design in field of Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Education & Research Institute, Laboratory & Industries.

Precision Robotic & Automation is a complete electronic embedded product design company, providing expertise in all phases of electronic embedded product design & development, from proposal to production.

We can independently design, develop & Manufacture a complete turn-key solution, or we can be used to augment your existing engineering team.

What we can do .....

We can provide all engineering services, including: System design, project scheduling, development cost estimates, hardware design, component selection, PCB fabrication, software development, firmware development, mechanical design, and prototype assembly in field of Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Education, Electronics Design/Manufacturing, Energy, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Military, Semiconductor and Telecom/Datacom.

Our expertise is in on-time, hardware / software / system design at very competitive rates. With our expertise having deep experience in digital, Analog, Electro-mechenical, microcontroller design, and feed-back control, together with a high level of software development skill, CAD design and mechanical design,

Our company focuses on providing a customer satisfaction with the extreme services we give to them.